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Are you sore or injured?

Are you feeling sore or injured? I sure am! I just finished another round of P90x and I unfortunately tweaked my right shoulder a little bit. Ouch! It hurt at first. I did it a few weeks back. Luckily, it is not major but it definitely effected my ability to do the workouts.

So, what to do? If you would have asked the “old Fred”, the answer would have been a simple “quit working out”. I would have not hesitated quitting. But, the “new Fred” is a different person. The “new Fred” doesn’t give up so easily.

This reminds me of something Tony Horton said when he hurt his bicep muscle a little while back. He said, “If the top is broken, work on the bottom. If the bottom is broken, work on the top. If the top and bottom are broken, work on the core.”. The key is to not let anything stand in your way. Modify, modify, modify. Just prior to hurting my shoulder, I was crushing my workouts.  I was up on all weights and reps.  After my shoulder felt hurt, I couldn’t do many of the moves.  It was so frustrating.  I decided to leave my ego behind and modify my moves so I could complete the workouts with my injury. If it was pull ups, I used a chair assist. If my arm hurt doing push ups, I would do them on my knees. I even lowered my weights on all my exercises. The key was to not let my injury get in the way of making progress.

Another thing I have learned on my fitness journey is that some soreness and injuries can be fixed with massaging the sore area.  I still had the foam roller from my round of P90x2 so I took it out, dusted it off, and got to work on massaging my shoulder.

After about an hour my shoulder felt better, but the funny thing was that not until I worked on the surrounding muscles (bicep, triceps, and chest muscles) that the soreness in my shoulders subsided. The human body is so amazing.  All the muscles are connected like a chain.  My whole body was cramping up. Once I worked on the surrounding muscles, my shoulder started to feel better and loosen up.  So don’t be surprised that if your back hurts, maybe you need to stretch and massage your chest muscles. If your hamstrings hurt maybe you need to stretch and massage your quad muscles.  It is all about balance.

I have a few more days before I start Body Beast so I will be using my foam roller a lot until then in order to get my shoulder ready!

Here’s to your health! Keep “bringing it”

-Coach Fred

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