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Pre-Workouts (PWOs)






Hi Team Dragon Fit!

See my post yesterday on the 5p’s.  For me, I have always said that first thing in the morning is the best time to workout.  In that way, I don’t have any excuses to miss it later in the day and let “life” get in the way.  Also, I always feel a sense of accomplishment after finishing a workout.  What a great way to start your day on a positive note!

I won’t lie, it can be hard at times.  Especially, since I have 3 little kids, I might have been up late the night before getting them water or taking them to the bathroom, putting them back to bed after a bad dream, etc.  If your a parent, then you know the drill!  LOL!

There were many mornings when I got up to push play with only 3 hours sleep.  It was tough.  Real tough!  Luckily, I learned about Pre-Workouts (PWO’s).  I have been using Beachbody’s Energy & Endurance (E&E).  I started taking this about 4 months ago and I got to say it is an excellent way to help give you a boost in the morning.  Well, you might be saying, can’t I just drink a Red Bull or drink some coffee?  You could, but you are also getting a lot of extra calories and sugars that you don’t need.  Also, a lot of people can’t help but add a lot of sugar and cream to their coffee which makes it very unhealthy.  The great thing about Beachbody’s E&E is that it has only 20 calories per serving and has no artificial ingredients or sweeteners.  Also, I like that there is no “crashing” later that you experience after drinking sodas or energy drinks.

So, every morning before a hard workout (especially lift days and Insanity cardio days), I take 2 scoops and mix it in water as soon as I get up.  I usually wait about 20 mins to 30 minutes by doing some light stretching.  Then, I hit play.  I notice that after about 30 minutes I can feel it starting to hit my system.  It just helps lift that fog you feel in the mornings and then I attack my workouts.

There are many other brands on the market (like Jack 3d and 1MR, etc.), but be sure to do your research.  Some of them contain some questionable ingredients that have been getting some bad press lately.

Here’s to your health!  Keep “bringing it”!

-Coach Fred





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