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Nutrition Packs




Slimming Pack
These unique blends of safe nutrients work naturally to help you accelerate fat burning and boost your energy.*‡
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Core Nutrition Pack
Core Omega-3™
Core Cal-Mag™
ActiVit® Multivitamin – choose Metabolism Formula or Body Toning Formula
This powerful combination of supplements delivers the most essential nutrients needed to help accelerate weight loss, maintain optimal health, recover from physical stress, and improve performance.*
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Performance Pack
P90X Peak Health Formula
Performance FormulaThese core nutrients help you adapt to a higher fitness level and maximize your post-exercise recovery.*‡
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Results Pack
A powerful combination of our creamy, delicious, low-cal Meal Replacement Shake, ActiVit® Metabolism Formula Multivitamins, Core Cal-Mag™ and Core Omega-3™. Select chocolate or vanilla flavor.
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Renewal Pack
ActiVit® BodyToning Formula
Immune Boost Herbal Formula
Joint Support Super Formula
Tone your body, repair daily wear on your joints, and restore a balanced sense of wellness.*‡
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