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P90x2 Results!

Hi Team Dragon Fit!

On April 15th I finished my first Round of P90x2.  The deuce!  I used to think that P90x was tough.  I have to say that Tony Horton and Beachbody really delivered a program that brought all the best elements of the original P90x but brought it to a whole new level.

I’ll share a more in-depth review of P90x2 at a later time.  To give you a quick mental image for now, just imagine some of the tough moves from P90x and then add stability balls and medicine balls to the mix.   Adding balance moves takes the difficulty to a higher level.  Not only do you have to do push ups, bicep curls, etc, but you do them while balancing on one leg or or on a ball.  It makes even simple moves much more difficult and really engages your entire body and core.  The workouts are a little shorter in length than in the original P90x, but that is because you are engaging so many more muscle groups at one time.

For all my prior rounds, I have been focusing on the “fat shredder” diets to lose body fat. For me, that was my 1800 to 1900 calorie diet plan with 50% protein, 30% carbs, and 20% fat.  For this round, my goal was to start building mass, while maintaining my body fat percentage.  I increased my diet to 3600 calories with a mix of 50% carbs, 30% protein, and 20% fat.  I started the round 3 months ago at 181 pounds and was below 10% body fat.  I am happy to report that I nailed my goal. I ended the round at 190.4 pounds and maintained the same body fat percentage.  Below is my progress picture.

Here is to your health!  Keep “bringing it”!










You might be wondering why I am holding a newspaper.  This is the picture I submitted to Beachbody.  As you may know, I was the October 2011 “Beachbody Challenge” winner for my transformation.  I won a $1,000.  Now I am in the running for $25,000 and Beachbody requested a current photo with zero photo edits and holding a newspaper so I can prove that this was taken recently and that I am still “bringing it”.  There are a lot of really great transformations out there that I am competing with, so I am honored to be in the running.  Wish me luck!

-Coach Fred

P.S. I turned 42 years old on April 8th, so I am happy to report that I gave myself and my family the best gift of all.  My health!


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