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Measuring Body Fat

Hi Team Dragon Fit!

I got some questions on measuring body fat that I would like to help you all with.   A lot of people focus only on the scale and a “magic” number to reach.  I challenge you all to start thinking about body fat % too.

Originally, when I started my weight loss journey.  I was weighing 275 lbs. and had 35.6% body fat percentage.  I was very obese.  I remember back then my goal was to get to 225 lbs.  I was positive I would look great and be in awesome shape. Well, I got down to 225 lbs. and I was still over 20% body fat, which I know is not healthy.  I was sure I would have been better than that, but I was wrong.  Doctors have told me the key is to get our body fat down.  The higher our body fat, the higher we are at risk for many diseases.

As a result, I started really tracking my body fat %.  I was not going for a “magic” number on the weight scale.  I was pushing to get below 10% body fat.  In the end, for those that saw my transformation video, I accomplished my goal and even got down to 8.2% body fat.  Getting below 10% gave me that lean look that I was going after and you could start to see those elusive abs! LOL!

Tracking your body fat is not as hard as you would think.  First off, let me say that I am not a big fan of those weight scales that “calculate” your body fat based on weight age, etc.  Or the ones that send an electrical impulse thru your body.  I got widely varying results using those.  Instead, I use the most popular and accurate method used by athletes and bodybuilders. I use body fat calipers.  There are 2 kinds that I have used (see photos).  You can buy either of them online cheaply from Amazon (anywhere from about $5 to $15).











Also, I use a good website to enter in my results from the body fat calipers.  The site is free and offers an online tool for calculating your body fat.  The site is:

I use the “Jackson/Pollock” 3 Caliper method for “men”.  Just measure my chest, abdomen, and my leg and I have a good gauge of my body fat.  There is still some potential for human error.  As long you are consistent and measure the exact same way every time you measure, then you should see the results trend to become less or not over time.  Women are different and need to measure different areas (scroll down on that site for more info).  There are even training videos that you can click there to help you.  It really is a great site!

My recommendation is that you purchase one of these calipers online, go to the free online site I mentioned, and then start measuring your body fat every week (at the exact same time of the day which for me was first thing in the morning) to make sure you are hitting your goals for body fat.

Keep “bringing it”!

-Coach Fred


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