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Where Start? Simple. Just Show Up!

Hey, Dragons!

We got a few new people on the team, including one of my sisters who is trying out Shakeology to see the benefits. Way to start “bringing it”, Sis! I also got a couple named Joey and Mary who just joined this team and have an awesome goal. Their goal is to get in shape for their big wedding day in September! What an awesome goal, and what’s even more awesome? They are doing it together! What a great way to start a life together!

So, you may have been on the team a while or you may have just joined. I know it’s tough when you are just starting out. There is sooo much information. It can be overwhelming to learn new things about nutrition and workouts. The good news is that you have already overcome the biggest hurdle! That’s right! If you are reading this post then you have decided that you want to be fit! Trust me that this is the single biggest hurdle to overcome on your fitness journey! Now the next biggest hurdle is that you need to decide if you are going to show up!

One of my favorite quotes is by Woody Allen:

80% of success is showing up.
“I made the statement years ago which is often quoted that 80 percent of life is showing up. People used to always say to me that they wanted to write a play, they wanted to write a movie, they wanted to write a novel, and the couple of people that did it were 80 percent of the way to having something happen. All the other people struck out without ever getting that pack. They couldn’t do it, that’s why they don’t accomplish a thing, they don’t do the thing, so once you do it, if you actually write your film script, or write your novel, you are more than half way towards something good happening. So that I was say my biggest life lesson that has worked. All others have failed me.”

That is so true about many things in life! It especially applies to fitness! You don’t have to be the best! You just have to be consistent! So, like Woody Allen says, “Just show up”! Just “pushing play” everyday gets you closer to success. Just reading these posts and getting motivation gets you closer to success! You get the idea… Just show up!

The first place I suggest for people who join our team is to read my post on “Where Do I Start?”:


This post has all the essentials for you to get started, such as advice on calorie counting, setting targets, choosing programs, etc. I lost 22 lbs. in my first 3 months of P90x. Then, the lightbulb went off for me. I nailed my nutrition and my workouts and in the next 3 months lost an additional 55 lbs.! I more than doubled my results. I say the light bulb went off for me on month four. My goal if you are new to the team is for that light bulb to go off for you more quickly than it did for me.

Remember that 80% of success is showing up! So, here’s to your health and hoping that you decide to “show up” and start pushing play and dial in your nutrition! Keep “bringing it”!

-Coach Fred

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