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Tuesday Talk – Upping Your Carbs

Hi Dragons!

Hope you are “bringing it” on your workouts and crushing your nutrition.

The video above talks about “upping your carbs”.  Here is a discussion I had last night with one of the members on my team in our online Facebook Support Group.

“Upping the carbs is a great idea to shake things up. Awesome that you learned so much how your body reacts while doing the Ultimate Reset. In fact, as long as you are on a calorie deficit, you should lose weight still. The key is that with “GREAT carbs, comes GREAT responsibility”! LOL! Because as you know, carbs are your body’s preferred energy system and also the easiest to turn into fat. If you up your carbs, make sure you also take the responsibility to up your intensity!

Those extra carbs should give you an energy boost so take advantage of that and don’t hold back! As I always like to say, “Get your sweat on”! Perhaps your diet can reflect your day. If you are not able to “get your sweat on” during periods of when you are really busy, then on those days you can scale back on the carbs because you know you can’t “bring it”.

 What macro and cal targets are you looking at hitting?  50p/30c/20f is a good fat shredder macro target. A good middle road target is 40p/40c/20f or 40c/30p/30f.”

I thought this was a really good discussion last night, so I thought I would share with all of you.

So, what are your goals?  If you want to lose fat, then a good plan to follow is the “fat shredder diet” that I mention above.  If you are near your goal or starting to lose energy and not see results, then it may be a good time to start upping your carbs.   See my post on “Where Do I start?” for more of my links on nutrition.

Just be sure to remember that with “GREAT carbs, comes GREAT responsibility”!

Also, I want to give another huge shout out to Sarah and Debbie!  Those two have been really pushing and supporting each other while doing Les Mills Combat.  As a Coach, it really makes me proud to see members of the team helping each other.  Also, congratulations, Sarah, on finishing another program and crossing another “finish line” in your fitness journey!  Awesome!

Have a great week, Team!  Here’s to your health and keep “bringing it”!

-Coach Fred




  1. Sarah Siegle /

    Thanks for the shout out Coach Fred!! Go Team Dragon Fit and Go Double Dragons LOL!!!

    • Coach Fred /

      You know the team and I were cheering loudly for you as you crossed another “finish line”! Awesome job and SUPER proud of you!

      Yep, you and Debbie are my favorite super duo of “Double Dragons”! LOL! (That was a video game I “invested” a ton of quarters when I was a kid and frequented arcades).

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