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How Much Water Should I Drink?

waterHey, Dragons!

Hope you are all pushing play and crushing your nutrition!  A common question I get asked is “How much water should  I drink?”  This is a great question and one that is addressed very well in the P90x2 nutrition guide.

There is a recommendation.  Look at how much you weigh.  Whatever that “#” is, divide that number in half and that is how many ounces of water you should personally drink in a day.  For example, if you weigh “200” lbs., then the number you use is “200”.  Take that number and divide by half and you get that you should drink “100” ounces of water every  day.

Simple, right?  Yes  and no.  If  you don’t measure how much you drink then you have no idea how much you put in your body.  I have some cups I use often and I know their size, so it is easy for me to calculate how much I am drinking.   If you don’t keep track, then you are probably not drinking enough.

The truth is that many people do a poor job of hydrating throughout the day.  Often if you feel tired, fatigued, or have a headache, you might very well be dehydrated.  The human body is an amazing machine.  You may be one of those people who prides themselves on being a camel and not needing to drink for a long time.  If you do, the body will do its best to adapt, and likely it will not be performing in top condition.  Think of it this way.  Race car drivers need to be very careful about the wheels on their car.  If they don’t take care, they will wear them out too quickly and not be able to continue the race.  If you are taking on an athletic event or working out with a Beachbody program, it is critical you stay hydrated because you will definitely get your  “sweat on” doing any of these programs and wear your body out.

From one of my prior posts, you know that I am preparing for a Tough Mudder event.  Hydration will be critical for this event so I am planning and preparing accordingly.  That is why I wake up early and don’t just start running.  The first thing I do is start hydrating.

The experts at Beachbody further recommend the following water consumption guidelines:

  • Drink 12 oz. of water 2 hours prior to exercise
  • Drink 8 to 12 oz. of water 15-30 min. prior to exercise
  • Drink 4-8 oz. of water every 15 min. during exercise

Here’s to your health!  Stay hydrated and keep “bringing it”!

-Coach Fred


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