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Changing Your Relationship With Food







Hi Team Dragon Fit!

How many of you can relate to this picture above?  I sure could.  Now, I am proud to be able to say I am living a fit lifestyle.  This is something I could not claim two years ago.  One thing I have learned it is a journey and not a destination.

I started P90x at 275 lbs. over a year and a half ago. It was rough.  I couldn’t do many of the moves.  I struggled, but I MODIFIED, MODIFIED, and MODIFIED.  Finally, I was able to get through the workouts.

As tough as P90x was, my biggest hurdle was not exercise, but food.  I joke with people all the time that it was no surprise that I weighed almost 300lbs. because “I was working so hard at it!”  I was on the “SEE-FOOD” diet plan.  I would “see” any “food” and eat it!  LOL!  In short, no matter how hard I tried to workout, nutrition was my downfall.  Truth be told, I can now admit that I had a VERY bad relationship with food.

Although I am in the best shape of my life now, it can still be difficult.  It took me a while but I figured out that I had to change my relationship with food.  For the “Old Fred”, food was ALWAYS there for me!  If I was stressed out, I could count on food to make me feel better.  If I had a bad day, it would magically appear on my doorstop in the shape of an extra large pizza!  Food would put a smile on my face.   I bet some of you who struggle with weight loss can really relate to what I am saying.

So, when I look back, I kind of looked at food as my friend.  It was ALWAYS there for me and NEVER judged me.  When I turned 40, I decided enough was enough.  I finally admitted to myself that I had to turn my “bad” relationship with food into a “good” one.  I didn’t know how.  That is when I read cover to cover the nutrition guide included in my P90x program.

I started implementing the strategies.  The first step was to give up all the “bad” food habits.  I cleared out my fridge.  I stopped eating unhealthy fast food.  I stopped eating HUGE meals and snacks just before bed.  I gave up sweets!  I reduced my calories.  It was tough!  By just making little changes I began to see results right away, then I was hooked.

The next step was to start creating some “good” food habits.  I started eating whole foods and avoided all that processed junk.  I went cold turkey and gave up drinking sodas (even diet sodas).  Now, that was super hard!  I learned many healthy ways to prepare my meals myself and incorporated super foods into my diet like Shakeology, which I still drink every day to this day!

Do you wanna know the funny thing that happened?   Food is STILL my friend.  Even though we’ve changed our relationship, it still puts a smile on my face. It is still there for me.  The difference?  I learned that healthy food FUELS my body and actually makes me FEEL better.  It is true.  When you actually give up all that processed and unhealthy junk, and start replacing it with nutritious foods, your body actually begins to thank you.  You can feel it both inside and out.

For all of you trying to lose weight, I challenge you to change your relationship with food.  Take an honest look at what you are actually putting in your body.  I used to hate eating a lot of veggies and fruit.  Now I love them.  I used to hate eating brown rice, now I eat it all the time.  So, for all of you in a “bad” relationship with food, I challenge you to have an honest internal discussion with yourself and turn it into a “good” one.

For a little “fun”, I’ve started a letter for you that you can use:

“Dear Food,

Let me just say that I really appreciate you being there for me all these many years, but I feel it time for us to change our relationship.  It is hard for me to write this, but I want you to know that it is not YOU, it’s ME! …..”  (OK, you get the idea!  LOL!)


On a serious note, I tell everyone that I coach that 80% of your results is nutrition and 20% is the workouts.  You need both.  If you choose to do a Beachbody program, then you got that 20% nailed.  Just “push play” and follow along the video.   The area you should invest most of your time is nailing the other 80% (the larger piece of the puzzle).

I am on Day 3 of 90 on my new Body Beast program.  Sagi Kalev, the creator of Body Beast, says in his guide, Book of Beast:

“You’ll often hear weightlifters say that food is 50 percent of the equation.  I don’t agree.  I think it’s 100 percent of the equation. It influences your lifting sessions. It influences your recovery. It influences every single aspect of your health and every one of your fitness goals.  If you don’t eat enough of the right foods, you simply can’t get big!”

So, whether your goal is to lose weight or get muscles, the answer is the same. You need to have a good relationship with food!

Here’s to your health!  Keep “bringing it”!

-Coach Fred


  1. Joey Saia /

    I changed my relationship with food as well March 26th, 2013, also the day I began my Insanity workouts. I noticed a difference the way my body felt the first day. I had more energy, I recover from my workouts better, and I sleep very deep REM now. Before I ate fast food everyday and didn’t care when I ate ( sometimes minutes before going to bed ). It is no wonder I could never get any good sleep.

    Today is Day 8 of my program and I have never felt better in the last 4 yrs. I can’t wait to get to my workouts and I look forward to eating healthy and at the right times.

    • Coach Fred /


      That is awesome! A great gauge of progressis not only the weight on a scale, but how you actually “feel”. It is so important to fuel your body in the right way so you get the results you want and have enough energy to dig deep in your workouts.

      Keep “bringing it” buddy!

      -Coach Fred

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