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When “LIFE” Gets in the Way!

brick wall life






Hi Team Dragon Fit!

I’m back!!! Well, to be honest, I never really left.  Sorry I have not been posting new content on this site for a long time.  I, like so many others, have unfortunately let “life” get in the way.

It started when I opened our new family restaurant at the end of September last year.  For those that have never run a restaurant before, just take a look at the TV Show “Restaurant Impossible” to get a flavor of all the drama that occurs behind the scenes!  LOL!  The good news is that I am committed to living a fit lifestyle so I continued to work out daily, bring it on nutrition, and have been logging in daily to our private “Group Challenge” Facebook page that I have been leading for accountability.  The great news is that several “Dragons” on our team have been bringing it hard and are close to hitting their goals, which as a coach, makes me SUPER proud!

Just as I felt things getting more in control, “life” threw me a big curve!  Actually, it felt more like “life” slammed me into a brick wall!  Just the day after a great Thanksgiving celebration with my parents and all my family, I got the dreaded phone call from my sister.  She said to hurry because our dad just had a stroke and was in the hospital.  It was one of the toughest moments in my life.  The first weeks were the hardest because the doctors were not able to know the extent of the brain damage. It would take time.  At one point, the doctor told me in private that he was unsure if my father would ever walk or talk again.  My heart sank.

The one thing I want to say to everyone is to be sure to take care of yourselves! Eat right and exercise! In the end, all we have is our health.   It was scary to see my father, who is someone that I have looked up to my entire life as a very strong man, to be in the hospital.  I volunteered to stay all night with him every night until he was out of critical care.  It was something I volunteered to do.  It was something I wanted to do. But, more importantly, it was something I KNEW I could do.  The old 300 lb. Fred would have struggled.  The new and improved “fit” Fred has so much more energy and drive, so I was glad I could be there for my dad and my family.

Luckily, my dad is “old school”.  He has always been a hard worker his whole life and never gives up.  I am so proud of him.  I even remember one moment when I was in the hospital and my dad was doing some physical therapy.  One of the other patients called me over to talk to her.  She told me that of all the patients that she sees coming in to do physical therapy, that no one works harder to get better than my dad.

It is April and my dad is on a great path to recovery.  He is able to walk again and he is working hard to get his speech back.  In fact, his favorite past time has always been playing poker and he just won a poker tournament again!  I am SUPER proud of my dad and when I think about taking my foot off the gas in my workouts, I just think about how he is “bringing it” every single day to fight to get back the simple tasks that you and I take for granted!

So, just wanted to give a shout out to everyone and give an update.  For all the “Dragons” that have been bringing it with me on our private Facebook page every day, I wanted to give you all a special thanks for supporting me during this tough time.

For those that have not heard from me in a while, I am happy to report that I am doing well and still “bringing it” every day and hoping you are too!

-Coach Fred





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