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Tuesday Talk – Convenience

Hi Team!

The above video talks about convenience. Think this week about what you can do to make your life more convenient.

The example I give in my video is my car. It is a Honda Odyssey and I LOVE it! When I was younger, I would have never imagined that I would buy a “soccer mom” car. In fact, I hate to admit it, but I remember very clearly teasing my friend Dennis when he got one for his family. He talked about all the features and how he had leather interior, etc. (That is why I joke in the video about how I have leather interior.) I told him that no matter what, it was STILL just a minivan! LOL!

Fast forward over a decade and I now have one too! Who would have thought? My prior car was a SUV. It was awesome, and it was my “man” car! If you are a guy, then you definitely know what I mean. However, for hauling three kids and car seats, it was not very practical. In fact, it was pretty darn inconvenient.

Now I have a minivan. It may not be as “cool” as my SUV, but it is perfect for my current stage of life. It makes hauling my entire family super convenient.


So, look around your life and see how you can make it more convenient. When it comes to health and fitness, “convenience” is SUPER important. If you don’t make it convenient, then you are less likely to get it done. Maybe it has to do with picking up quick healthy snacks and having them ready to go for emergencies. Maybe it is adding Shakeolgy to your diet so you have a great meal replacement that tastes great, fights cravings, and takes seconds to make. Or maybe…. It’s about getting a minivan so you save time so you can have more time to workout. If you do, then be sure to get the leather interior! LOL!

Have a great week, Gang! Don’t forget! This week’s challenge is decline push ups! Do as many as you can to failure and report what you got. Bring it!

-Coach Fred

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