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Ahhh, the naysayers!!

They are all around us.  They say things like:

“Those results can’t be real.”

“You can’t get results like that in 90 days.”

“It must be fake or they use Photoshop.”


I hate to admit it, but I used to be one of those kind of people.  I didn’t believe that I could lose 55 pounds in 3 months and 100 pounds in a year.  I used to be a couch potato watching TV and mocking in disbelief at infomercials on TV that promised weight loss.

Now it is a year later and I am proof it does work.  Still, the naysayers are around me.   They say, “Oh, you are too skinny” and “Oh, you did it through eating less and not through lifting weights”.  That last comment makes me laugh because that only shows how little they know.  If they did a program like P90x, they would realize just how difficult it was.  It is amazing how many people feel the need to judge me.   Don’t get me wrong, many people are genuinely supportive of my weight loss journey, but there are still many negative people that surround me too.

I used to be 275 lbs. and no one felt compelled to tell me to lose weight.  Now that I am below 10% body fat, it seems so many people feel compelled to tell me that I am too skinny and need to put more weight back on.  The sad thing is that many of them are overweight, eating unhealthy, and need to get in shape themselves.  Let’s face it.  We live in a very “fat” society where the norm is to stuff ourselves and overeat.

Not to worry, I have very thick skin. I also have been to a doctor and he has confirmed that I am in great shape.  So, I don’t let other people’s comments bother me because I realize that they say these things to make themselves feel better.  Seeing others who have the commitment and resolve to say “no” to unhealthy habits makes people feel uncomfortable because they feel it highlights their inadequacies.

I write this post in order to prepare many of you on your fitness journey.  As you start making visible progress, you are going to start hearing many comments from the naysayers.   Their negativity will start getting more vocal.  I challenge you to do your best to not let their comments derail your progress.  Instead, let their comments fuel your desire to keep “bringing it” because that shows you are really making visible progress.

Here’s to your health!  Keep “bringing it”!

-Coach Fred



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