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Motivation Mondays

Hey, Dragons!

Hope you are all doing well on this fine Monday!  It’s a beautiful day today in Reno!  Forecast is 100 degrees so it is going to be a hot one!

I often like to ask those on my team, “What are you CHOOSING to do today to make your life awesome!”  For me, today I “chose” to get up at 5:30am so I could run 6 miles starting at 6:30am.

Why get up an hour early you may ask?  I live in Reno, Nevada and it is a desert.  It is always important to plan ahead and start the hydration process early, especially since I live in an area that is so dry and hot.  So, I set my alarm early and sneak out of bed and tip toes downstairs so I can start hydrating and getting limber before I go outside for my run.  So, be like me and don’t just “find” time to workout, you need to “make” time!

Please check out my video above.  Hopefully, it puts a little motivation in your Monday!  In it, you will find a NEW challenge for the week!  If you are part of my “private” Facebook challenge group, please post your results of the “wall squat” challenge by Sunday to the group. Remember that there are 2 ways to win “bragging rights” this week: 1) who has the longest time, and 2) who has the most “creative” place to do it! Take a photo for fun and share with the team!

Keep pushing play and “bringing it” on your nutrition!

-Coach Fred






  1. Sarah Siegle /

    Cool video Coach Fred! That pavement looked hot! Looking forward to completing the challenge!

    • Coach Fred /

      Hope you are thinking about the “creative” one! I got a couple of ideas too! LOL!

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