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Monday Motivation

Hi Team Dragon Fit!

The video above is a little Monday Motivation for you.

Today we left early to take the kids to Lake Tahoe. I knew we would be going early today, so I planned ahead to get my workouts done first thing. That means Body Beast Chest & Tris, plus T25 Total Body Circuit, were banged out first thing in the morning. So, you really CAN have it ALL. It just means you need to plan ahead.

The kids had a blast! They swam in a kiddie pool, built sand castles in the sand, and even tried catching some fish with a net in the lake.

I love taking time out from my hectic schedule to have some quality time with the family. It reminds me of one of the things I read in the book “Wisdom of our Fathers” by Tim Russert. It is a book my wife gave me for Father’s Day. In it he talks about how some fathers try to show their love by giving their kids expensive gifts. He says the best gift you can give your kids, is the gift of YOUR time.

Great words to live by! Try this week to give the ones you love the gift of YOUR time! Here’s to your health! Check out the video above for this week’s challenge. Keep bringing it!

– Coach Fred

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