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Monday Motivation – What Are You Reading?

Hey, Dragons!

Here is a quick video for your Monday Motivation!


A question I would like to ask you is, “What are you reading?”  I am not talking about what is on your coffee table or on your bookshelf collecting dust.  I am talking about what are you “actively” reading?  If you are on this site, then you are likely already improving yourself with exercise and nutrition.  The area that many of us neglect is personal development.  There are tons of distractions, that if we let them, will consume our entire day.  So, we never feel we have enough time to do what we know is good for us.

The key is to say “no” to the distractions and “choose” to read something that will help make you think, challenge you, and develop you personally.  Some people enjoy reading the newspaper and watching the news all day.  For me, I skim those briefly but do not let it consume my day because they are the “sames”.  Meaning you get almost the “same” news everyday.  Just the names and places seem to change.  Also, watching the news these days tends to sensationalize the negative and downplay the positive, which only feeds our daily stress.

So, my recommendation is to broaden your horizons!  Pick up something that has great reviews.  Start with only a chapter a day.  You don’t need to consume an entire book in one sitting.  In fact, I have benefited from reading one chapter and let it “bake” in my head for a while before moving on.  I often re-read certain books because I almost always take something “new” from them that I missed the first time.


Here is a list of books I recommend:

  • “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People” by Stephen Covery.  A timeless book with great advice on how to prioritize, weekly planning, and enhance your relationships.
  • “First Things First” by Stephen Covey.  This book takes time management discussed in the previous book to the next level.
  • “Eat That Frog” by Brian Tracy.  Great practical advice on time management
  • “Getting Things Done” by David Allen.  This book gives great advice on time management skills for those who manage tons of emails and projects.
  • Any of the “Dummies” series of books that are published, such as “Excel for Dummies” and so on.  I am a strong believer that a worker is only as good as their tools.  A mechanic needs a wrench and carpenter needs a hammer.  If you are an office worker, then you need to know how to use a computer and software like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and so on.  So sharpen your skills and be more productive!
  • “Bring It” by Tony Horton (creator of P90x)

Here are books that I am “actively” reading:

  • “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz
  • “How Successful People Think” by John Maxwell
  • “15 Invaluable Laws of Growth” by John Maxwell

Look for sources of inspiration online:

  • Just type the word “transformation” in YouTube followed by “P90x”, “Insanity”, “Turbofire”, etc. and you will find a ton of inspirational videos showing people like you and me changing their lives  for the better.
  • I love to watch motivational speeches and videos.  In fact, if you have no energy just watch a “Rocky” video clip.  That will get the heart pounding!

Also, if you commute daily, an audiobook is a great way to maximize your time.  I used to live and work in Asia for 8 years, so I learned Chinese.  The old saying is true, “Use it or lose it”. So, I often put on Chinese language tapes so I can practice my Chinese while driving.

You get the idea. So, I pose the question again.  What are you reading?  Please share.  I am always looking for a good book!


Don’t forget this week’s challenge!  This week is the “mother of all P90x moves…. Jump Knee Tucks”!  Do as many of you can in 30 seconds, record what you got, and share with the group!

Here’s to your health!  Keep “bringing it” on your exercise and nutrition and consider doing it with your personal development too!

-Coach Fred

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