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Misfit Challenge Results (365 Days of P90x)

Recently I had the pleasure of joining a Team Challenge for the first time.  For three rounds of P90x I have been going it alone in my living room. I wondered what it would be like to join a group of motivated individuals online and really push myself and others to the max.

I joined a group called the “Misfit Challenge” to help me prepare for coming out of P90x2 and put a cherry on top for doing P90x for 365 days straight.

This group was exactly what I needed.  The ground rules were simple:

1. Start P90x classic and complete all 90 days

2. Join and participate daily for workouts and nutrition accountability with the group (no exceptions)

3. Drink Shakeology daily (this was easy for me because I had been doing that constantly since the beginning of Round 2).

Not following these rules meant expulsion from the group.  Almost 200 people joined up, but unfortunately, many were not able to give up their “Misfit” ways and were either cut for not participating or gave up because they could not commit to the nutrition plan or shakeology.

However, for those of us that stuck with it and plugged into the group daily saw amazing changes.  For myself, this was my one year anniversary of starting P90x a year ago.  I wanted to finish this year strong and I feel I really did.  I ended up at 177lbs. and 8.2% bodyfat.  My goal had been to be below 10% so I could start getting ripped and I finally achieved it!  When I first started P90x over a year ago, I weighed 275 lbs., so that meant I have lost almost 100 lbs. on my fitness journey and can really start to see those elusive abs.

Also, I learned a lot about the power of TEAM.  There were days when I was tired and did not feel like working out.  However, I committed to this group and there was no way I was going to let them down. I knew many of my new friends were pushing through their pain and soreness and working out with no sleep, so it made it all the easier to keep showing up and bringing my best.

Below is a little picture of my progress over the last year and the one that I sent my fellow “Misfits” to thank them for their motivation and support over the 90 day challenge.

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