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Is This YOUR Time?


Hi Team Dragon Fit!

Is this YOUR time?  This is something I ask people I coach from time to time.  Have you decided?  Are you unsure?  It is a simple question.  The interesting thing is that how you answer says volumes about how well you will do on your fitness journey.

Everyone these days seems to be looking for a quick fix to their health problems.  “6 Minute Abs” and all those fancy gadgets that appear on TV all give a promise of quick results.  I’ve seen them and even bought some of them over the years.  Have you?  How were your results?

The problem is that people who are looking for a quick fix, have not realized that there is no magic pill, no detour sign, and no simple shortcut to changing their lives. It takes hard work, dedication, and a commitment.  Period.  I have coached many people and I have seen many say that they really want to improve their health, but once it starts getting tough, they fizzle out.  I sometimes talk to my wife at night about what I could have done differently to help these people.  She said something to me once that really resonated with me.  She said, “Don’t worry, honey.  It was just not their time.”

That statement spoke volumes to me.  The light bulb finally went off in my head.  No matter how bad I want to help others reach their fitness goals, the challenge is that some people have not decided that it is “their time” yet.  I often say to people that “I am just an ORDINARY guy, who got EXTRAORDINARY results, with these AMAZING programs”.  I really feel that way.  I’m just an ordinary guy.  Nothing special.  The difference for me, though, was that I decided it was MY TIME!  When I turned 40 years old, I just decided that enough was enough.  No more excuses! That meant working out when I didn’t want to.  That meant saying “no” to friends and family when they pressured me to eat fatty or sugary foods.  That meant having the courage to say “no” to alcohol at social events.  That meant changing my diet and including healthier foods like Shakeology.  That meant keeping the promise to myself that I would finish any program that I started.

Once you decide it is your time then there is no stopping you.  I think I got that confidence after my first round of P90x.  I lost 22 pounds in 3 months.  I finally believed in myself I could do it.  It no longer was “if” I will get fit, but “when” I will get fit. So, if someone were ever to ask me back then, “Is this YOUR time?” My answer would have been a “YES” without hesitation.  Once I decided that, it became just a waiting game to reach all my fitness goals.

So, if that same person were to ask you, “Is this YOUR time?”  What would be your answer?  Before you reply, just take a moment.  Just know that how you respond will speak volumes about how well you will do on your fitness journey.

Here’s to your health!  Keep “bringing it” and hoping that you have decided that this is YOUR time!

-Coach Fred




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