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Free Coaching – Get Dragon Fit!

 Welcome to Team Dragon Fit!


My name is Fred Lee and I am an independent Team Beachbody Coach.  If you have come for education, inspiration and motivation on your fitness journey, then you have come to the right place.  Team Dragon Fit is all about getting extreme results.  I have actively used Beachbody programs and supplements and I know firsthand through my own transformation what it takes to get serious results.  In fact, in October 2011, I took first place in the Beachbody Company’s nationwide contest for the results I achieved going from 275 pounds to 198 pounds in only 6 months!

I began my fitness journey in December of 2010 and I am committed to living a fit lifestyle going forward.  I have decided to follow in the footsteps of my Coach by helping others reach their fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, gain mass, or get ripped, I am here to help you reach your maximum results in the shortest period of time.  The best part of all — IT’S FREE!!

I used to play college football, so I understand how important it is to have a good coach to help steer you in the right direction and point out things that you may not realize yourself.  I have learned a ton during my personal transformation and it is my hope that I can pay it forward.  I know how hard it is to make this change because I have experienced it myself.

I lost 22 pounds during my first round of P90x and then I lost an additional 55 pounds during my second round.  A total loss of 77 pounds.  How did I double my results in the second round?  The answer is simple.  I found a great coach before starting my second round.  He guided me how to maximize my results and I want to do the same for you.  I promise that as your coach, I will only recommend products and methods that I have personally used and worked for me.  All I ask is that you bring your passion and commitment, not excuses.


So, do you want to get fit?  Get really fit?
Then, come get Dragon Fit!



Making me your coach is totally free and signing up is easy.  If you are interested in making me your coach, click the link here. Or you can you can copy and paste the following link in a web browser:



If you already have a Team Beachbody account, then you likely already have a coach that was assigned to you.  If you are happy with your current coach, then please feel free to use my site as a way to supplement your information.  However, if you would like to make a switch to me so I can be an active part of your fitness journey, then please make a coach switch.  It is quite easy, just send a one line email to: and tell them that you would like me as your coach. Please CC me as well ( so I can be sure to follow-up. Be sure to please copy and paste the following into the email:

Coach’s Name: Fred Lee
Coach ID#: 101257
Coach Screen Name on Team Beachbody:TeamDragonFit


**Please note that making me your coach is totally free and I only get a commission on any Beachbody products you purchase. The price is the same whether you purchase via me or directly through Beachbody.  The commission only helps to compensate for any time helping answer questions, providing information, or giving comments and advice.





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  1. Steven /

    I just signed on so you can be my coach. I am looking forward to your advice, achieving my goals, and changing my body.

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