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Coach Fred Checking In

Hi Team Dragon Fit,

Hope you are all having a great weekend and that you are ‘crushing” both your workouts and your nutrition!


We started our 2nd Challenge Group on August 6th. As of now, there are 5 of us. We have two “bringing it” with P90x, one “digging deep” on Insanity, and one getting “pumped up” on Les Mills Pump. Of course, I am “beasting up” on Body Beast! LOL! We may all be on different programs and schedules, but the great thing is that we are all there plugging in daily to motivate and support one another. This group is open to everyone. If you are interested in joining, go to facebook and click “join group” at:


I love August every year! It is this time of the year that they announce the “Best” of Reno in many different categories. My family restaurant business won the “Best Breakfast” category for the last 10 years running. It is a very important award because it is voted on by local customers. I am proud to announce that we have won this prestigious title again! This year’s rankings are listed at:


On a personal note, my wife and I are starting to plan a lot of outdoor activities to enjoy for the kids. My kids are on a “track” system here and that means they have 2 months of school, and then have a whole month off. For August, it is an “off” month. It is tough on both them and the parents because they tend to get a little stir crazy! LOL! So, last week we went to the Truckee River in Reno for the first time and let the kids splash about. They had a ball! This weekend we are going to a water park. The great thing about living a fit lifestyle is that you have a ton more energy to do fun things with the kids! So, I hope you are all enjoying these summer days as much as we are!



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3) “Changing Your Relationship With Food”

4) “Grazing… MOOOOO!”


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Here’s to your health! Keep “bringing it”!

-Coach Fred

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