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Bring It!

Coach Fred “bringing it” during a live Tony Horton workout!

Hi Team Dragon Fit!

If you are already a member of Team Dragon Fit, then you are probably accustomed to me using the term “bring it”!  It is one of my favorite lines I use because it is something that Tony Horton (the creator of P90x) says during the P90x routines.

For myself, this term has grown to have special meaning and significance.  It has power for me.  When I am struggling during a workout or lacking motivation I tell myself to “bring it”.  It lights a fire in my belly.

P90x is an extreme program and you have to be willing to “bring it” with all your intensity if you want to keep up with the pace of the videos. It might be challenging and humbling at first.  It was for me.  I started a year and a half ago weighing 275 lbs. (which ironically was light for me back then), and my goal was not to keep up with the video, my goal was just to survive it!  LOL!

A year and a half later, I am now crushing the videos!  Does that mean I take it easy?  No!  If you really dig deep and push yourself to “bring it”, then even the simplest moves can become more challenging.  To this day, I still use pen and paper and write all my reps and weights down.  In that way, I can push myself to do more next time.

I challenge you to take a look at your workouts and be honest with yourself.  Are you “bringing it” with every thing you got?  It is easy to just show up and go through the motions.  It is easy to hit the pause button.  It is easy to take a break and tie your shoe laces during the toughest moves.  These are all “silent cheats”.  I challenge you to to try and push yourself every time and not settle.

Here’s to your health and hoping that you “bring it” in your workouts and your nutrition!

– Coach Fred

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