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Coach Fred Checking In

Hi Team Dragon Fit!  This is Coach Fred checking in.  Hope you are doing well and “bringing it” every day!

I have some new content that I am working on sharing with you and will be posting soon, so be sure to be checking in.  I am starting a new weekly “Coach Check in” to help highlight and summarize some articles and news for you.  I know we are all busy so this might help.

Now for the big news!  I am in my 3rd and final month of doing P90x2.  I am absolutely loving this program and it is challenging me in so many ways.  I used to think P90x was tough.  P90x2 is a whole new level.  As many of you know, I have been on a fat shredder plan for over a year.  This was my first round of doing a “bulking round”.  I’ll share some progress pics when I finish.  For this last round, I joined a challenge group with other people to help push me and keep me accountable. It has been a great experience.  Even though I am doing the workouts at home, it is great to have the online support of others to help keep me going and focused.

Last night I sat in bed thinking about my next routine as I finish up this round of P90x2.  I have so many options.  Do I do another round of P90x2?  Do I do a round of Insanity?  Do I go back to the original P90x?  Or do I do a hybrid of each or start something new?  After thinking it over, I would like to propose to all of you to join me in doing a complete round (90 days) of the original P90x.

Are you ready for a challenge?  Then, join me in Team Dragon Fit’s first Challenge Group.  What is a challenge group?  It is a group that is formed to motivate and keep each other accountable and on target.  It can be difficult when you are working out by yourself.  With a challenge group you have others that start the same program on the exact same day and follow the exact same schedule every day.  You get plugged in by joining a private group that I create on Facebook so we can share questions, give support and push each other.

I finish P90x2 in mid-April.  The program I would like to propose is P90x and start it with whoever would like to join this group on April 30th.  If you want to join this challenge then you will be right alongside me as I push play every single day and help you get you to your goals.  I know many of you are already doing P90x or another program, which is great.  If you want to be part of this group, then just make sure you are ready to start P90x on Day 1 on April 30th (a Monday).  All I ask is that you commit to following a nutrition plan, push play every day with me, and plug in daily to our private facebook page for accountability and support.

Why P90x?  I have done many programs and I sincerely believe that P90x is the best well-rounded combination of resistance and cardio training out there.  I was able to do it when I was 275 lbs. (with some modifications of course) and I am still able to do it now almost a 100 pounds lighter.  It is that great of a program.

Ping me if you have any interest and would like to join me on one heck of a ride.  Trust me.  It will be the best thing you ever do.

As always, I am here to help you on your fitness journey whether you join this challenge group or not.  Don’t hesitate to ping me with any questions by posting a comment on the blog forms on my website or emailing me at

Keep bringing it!

-Coach Fred

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  1. I’m ready to start April 30th!!!!!!!!

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