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My “Must Have” List

The following are my “Must Have List” for considering doing an intense program like P90x:

1) Pullup Bar: make sure you get one with adjustable hand positions. I bought the one from Beachbody and I really liked the rugged and durable design.

2) Pushup Stands: pushup stands allow for a greater range of movement and to really dig deep on your pushups.  Also, if you have any wrist issues, pushup stands will help a lot.

3) Dumbbells: For P90x, I used “Powerblocks”. I bought them at a local fitness store.  P90x consists of a lot of circuit training and you have to change weights constantly.  I found the Powerblocks did the job well.  They allowed to change the weight in 2.5 pound incrents and the weight went from 5 to 50 pounds.

4) Yoga Mat: I bought a simple Yoga mat from Walmart.  When I started P90x, let’s just say that I had an extra layer of “cushion” on my body when I was 275 pounds.  When I got down to 198 pounds, I noticed that my tail bone hurt a lot when doing some of the movements on the ground.  A yoga mat helped provide the extra cushioning I needed.  Also, it is a must for doing the Yoga section of P90x because it helped keep my feet from dragging across the floor.

5) Yoga Block: I am not the most flexible person. A yoga block really helps provide the extra stability I needed when doing certain stretch moves. It is an absolute must for a novice who wants to do Yoga X.

6) Resistance Bands: I did some travel during my first couple rounds of P90x.  It is hard to take a 100 pounds of dumbbells with you when you travel.  However, resistance bands are very lightweight and fold up nicely into a bag.  These were a lifesaver on a family trip I made to Taiwan. They can also serve as a substitute to dumbbells on many exercises.

7) Body Fat Calipers: If your goal is to get ripped or to lose weight, then you should be focused on losing body fat and not muscle.  Body fat calipers are highly accurate ways to measure your progress.

8) Diet Tracking Program: If you want to get serious results, then you need to get serious about tracking everything that goes in your mouth.  There are numerous diet tracking programs for mobile devices and websites like

9) Workout Sheets: Like Tony says, “Write it down, people!”  If you want to get resuls, then you need to write it down.

10) Shakeology: this is my single healthiest meal of the day and my number 1 must have supplement.  I attribute a lot of my success in Round 2 to starting Shakeology.

11) Multivitamins: I use a simple generic multivitamin I get from Costco

12) Whey Protein Powder: protein intake is critical to your results.  To reach your daily targets (which I hope you are using a diet tracking program) you need to consume the correct amount of protein.






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