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Why I’m A Coach

You may be wondering why Fred became a Coach.   To be honest, if you would have asked me a year ago if I ever had any goals to be a coach, I would probably have laughed at you!  What a difference a year can make.   Now many people refer to me as “Coach Fred”.

On your fitness journey, you are going to hear the word “transformation” a lot.  I lost almost one hundred pounds on my fitness journey.  I had a tremendous “physical” transformation.  I have tons more energy and can now do things I used to think were impossible.  The funny thing is that a transformation I underwent was more than physical.  I have also transformed mentally and emotionally.  I am different not only on the outside but also on the inside.

I like to say it “clicked” for me.  Once it did, I started making a ton of progress.  I started educating myself about calorie counting and proper techniques for working out and what supplements to take to fuel my body.  I no longer looked to food for comfort but as fuel.  I began finding that I had the resolve and confidence to say “no” politely to offers of candy, fried foods, and alcohol.

People began noticing changes in me.  At first, they were curious about what I was doing.  Once they saw I was committed to living a fit lifestyle and getting great results, they began asking me lots of questions.   I found myself talking more and more about fitness with people.   I am currently the Manager for my parents’ restaurants in Reno, Nevada.  We have a very successful breakfast restaurant, which is famous for big portions.  Customers began asking me for suggestions on what to eat healthy in my restaurant, so I created a monthly newsletter with healthy dishes.  I began getting passionate about wanting to help other people.  That is when I decided to follow the great example set by the person who coached me and become a Beachbody coach myself.

I like to say that “I am an ordinary guy, who had extraordinary results, using an amazing program”.  It has worked for me and I am no one special.  I am just like a lot of you.  I have a full time job, a wife, and three little kids.  I have a busy life.  I am now committed to pushing play and living a fit lifestyle.   It has “clicked” for me and my goal now is to help everyone else so it “clicks” for them.

I love being a coach and helping others.  I especially love it when I get letters from my team telling me about the progress they are making and how they are making healthy choices.  It is great to see people you coach turning their lives around.  It really pumps me up!  Also, I am now accountable to all of you.  I now have even more motivation to bring it myself because there is no way I want to let any of you down.  So, thanks to all of you for being my accountability crew too!

Here’s to your health and hoping that it “clicks” for you!  Keep “bringing it”!

-Coach Fred


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